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A call to tap "latent creative" physicians in the medical community

What can medical schools and institutions do to better communicate with the public? According to physician-blogger Bryan Vartabedian, MD, the answer is to seek out and support “latent creative” physicians. He writes today on Wing of Zock:

Latent creatives are providers who love to write but never had permission and never had a platform. Latent creatives have strong opinions and amazing ideas just waiting to be shared, understood, labeled, tagged, and built upon. They have some unusual ability to speak in front of a camera, make diagrams, or collect and create images.

Medical leadership should be motivated to bring what’s inside their faculty out for everyone to see. Human attention centers around content—and where there’s attention, there’s money. This is the value proposition for dean and CEOs. But it goes beyond the bottom line.

For those doctors wondering how to carve out time in their busy schedules to "write, record and make," Vartabedian talks more about how he overcame this challenge in a past Scope Q&A. Additionally, fellow physician-blogger Kevin Pho, MD, offers advice on how physicians can communicate online in this Q&A.

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