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Image of the Week: Personalized brain activity scarves

Talk about a statement piece. Artist duo Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet have developed a method of plotting a person's brainwave activity into a knitted pattern, which can be used to personalize a scarf. Dubbed NeuroKnitting, the process combines affective computing and digital crafts. More from the artists' website:

Using a wearable, non-invasive EEG headset, we recorded users’ affective states while listening to Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”, concretely the aria and its first seven variations. The audio was about 10 minutes long and we downsampled each second of the signal coming from the 14 channels of the EEG device. Three main features were measured: relaxation, excitement, and cognitive load. After recording, those features were converted into a knitting pattern. Hence, every stitch of a pattern corresponds to a unique brain state stimulated by the act of listening. It means the user’s affective response to music is captured every second and memorised in the knitted garment pattern.

Photo by Mar Canet

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