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Medicine X's "What if health care…" seeks tweets

Later this month at Medicine X, thinkers and doers will convene at Stanford to catalyze new ideas about the future of medicine and health care. You can help drive the discussion of a panel titled "What if health care…" by using the hashtag #whatifhc on Twitter to share your dream for the field. (Conference attendance not required!)

In a recent blog post, Stanford Medicine X executive director Larry Chu, MD, describes how the #whatifhc Twitter conversation got started between motivated community members and led to the formation of the September 27 panel.

From Chu's post:

On February 9th of this year, researcher Susannah Fox published a blog post describing the subsequent discussions that sprung forth from that simple suggestion. She wrote,

“For over a year I’ve been the accidental manager of a community garden. All I did — I swear — is point out an open plot of land and people started pitching in, planting, asking friends to join them. All of a sudden we’d transformed a bare patch into something beautiful.” She went on to write, “They planted ideas about what health care could be like if we remade it, without regard for money, politics, or any other reality.”

So, what are some of your ideas?

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