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Heart-shaped public art explores bodies' rhythms

Pulse of the City - Turning Heartbeats Into Music from George Zisiadis on Vimeo.

I love a good public art installation, especially one with some heartfelt subtext. So I was happy to read today about Pulse of the City, a solar-powered machine that turns human heartbeats into individualized music. It was one of 18 exhibitions featured in last year's Urban Prototyping Festival in San Francisco and is now available to Boston residents at five locations across the city.

As Fast Company reports, Pulse of the City creator George Zisiadis, an interactive artist and sociologist based in San Francisco, says his work is designed to "help people reconnect with the rhythms of their bodies." Just hold the heart-shaped device's handles; an algorithm detects your pulse and plays the music you inspire.

The article also notes the artwork is a good fit for the city's Boston Moves for Health initiative, which encourages participation in health and fitness activities.

Via @NickDawson

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