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Five thousand blog entries – and counting


I like to think of Scope as one of my babies. Several colleagues and I conceived the idea of a blog shortly before I became pregnant with my second child (at the time, no other academic medical institution had an official blog), and Scope became fully adopted as an important communications tool for the School of Medicine soon after I returned from maternity leave. Fittingly, my first post-leave entry was about pregnancy.

Much has happened since those early days in 2009: Institutional blogs are no longer a rarity, and you'd be hard-pressed to find an organization that doesn't use social-media sites - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. - to share its news. There are now tons of ways for people to tell their stories, and yet we've consistently used Scope to tell ours. Among the items you've liked best: the imaging of ancient crocodile mummies, the candid thoughts of a fourth-year Stanford medical student going into family medicine, and a conversation on the science behind willpower.

This entry is our 5,000th one, and I'd like to say thank you to both our readers and writers - 65, including our regular contributors, to date. Let's see what the next 5,000 posts bring!

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