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Image of the Week: Stanford Medicine X 2013


Stanford Medicine X is in session and #MedX is trending on Twitter. Pictured above, Nick Dawson, a member of the conference's ePatient advisory panel, captures proceedings from the foot of the stage.

He's wearing a piece by patient advocate and Medicine X artist in residence Regina Holliday. It's part of the Walking Gallery collection, which comprises 269 painted jackets - 239 by Holliday - worn by people on five continents (including U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park). Recipients typically provide their own jacket and may choose to donate to cover the cost of paint, but the finished pieces cannot be purchased so that people of any means could have access to one.

Dawson and Holliday are among the conference's speakers, who are a diverse community of ePatients, academics, designers, doctors, and other leaders in health care. This morning at 10:35 a.m., Dawson joins IDEO partner Dennis Boyle and blogger Britt Johnson in discussing last Thursday's IDEO Design Challenge.

The conference ends today at 4:35 p.m. Pacific. Watch the free live stream of plenary sessions, or follow #MedX on Twitter to join the conversation.

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Photo by Stanford Medicine X

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