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Quite the reach: Stanford Medicine X set record for most number of tweets at a health-care conference

Speaking of Stanford Medicine X: At the conference, social media is, in the understated words of Ron Burgundy, "kind of a big deal."

In a recent blog post, Symplur co-founder Thomas Lee charted the influence of social media on Medicine X conversations and compared this year's conference to last year's and to others in the health-care sphere. And, as Lee writes, "we can comfortably say that Medicine X set a new world record for the average number of tweets per day at a healthcare conference."

In a conference interview, Lee said, "Last year, 2012 MedX, all three days there were just shy of 10,000 tweets. That was almost achieved on Day One yesterday. And there are almost a third more participants than there were last year - and that's just after the first day." Graphs from Lee's post show that Medicine X 2013's social participation on Twitter involved 3,576 participants in 26, 973 conversations during the conference. And the buzz still continues, which you can see by using the #MedX hashtag.

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