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A conversation with "Children's Defender" Marian Wright Edelman

EdelmanMarian Wright Edelman is a force of nature. Ask her a question and she reels off facts and figures rapid roll. When we were considering which noted individual to feature in a Q&A for our current issue of Stanford Medicine, which focuses on pediatrics, she stood out. Edelman's leadership on children’s issues is awe-inspiring. I’ve listened to my 1:2:1 podcast with her and read our conversation, "The Children's Defender", numerous times during the editing process of the magazine - and I’m still touched by her passion, dedication and commitment.

Children's Defense Fund, which Edelman founded forty years ago, has been at the forefront of overhauling public policy in child poverty, early childhood development, education and health. They've also worked to prevent gun deaths among children and teens for more than two decades. During our talk, Edelman said she wished they would have closed their doors long ago and that the myriad of issues that confront children would have been solved. But the struggle continues. She carries forth that mission extremely well.

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Photo courtesy of Children's Defense Fund

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