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"Sodium Girl" on living with a salt-free diet

The writer Jessica Goldman Foung blogs about healthy recipes for a no-salt diet. She's the author of a cookbook, "Sodium Girl's Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook," and she recently taught a course on Writing Through Illness for Stanford's Continuing Studies program. Her experience with the autoimmune disease lupus, which has attacked her kidneys and brain and caused her to undergo dialysis and manage seizures, among other challenges, led to an investigation on healthy eating that she shares with her readers.

Goldman Foung discussed her journey with food and illness with us in an earlier Scope Q&A. Now, a Stanford Magazine piece reports on her current bill of health - and continuing healthy attitude:

This January marks 10 years since Foung's diagnosis. Dialysis and the transplant list are behind her. Though she jokes that her doctors call her "one of the healthiest unhealthy people they know," she lives with joint pain, chronic fatigue and a weak immune system and must weigh every activity and invitation against its cost to her energy reserves. "I try to balance the ambition and stubbornness. I think that's why I survived in the first place."

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