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The year in the life of a preemie – and his parents

I got chills within seconds of watching the video above, which chronicles a baby's 107-day journey from the NICU home, and beyond. (At the moment when the mom holds her son for the first time and closes her eyes in relief/elation/exhaustion/sadness, the tears came for me, too.) Ward Miles Miller was born weighing just 1.5 pounds, and his father filmed and produced this video of the first year of Ward's life "as a love letter to his wife and son." Ben Miller told USA Today, “I just wanted Lyndsey to have a really cool film she could watch of her and her son. I knew all the tender moments really meant a lot to her, and that a lot of people would relate.” Indeed, many people have related, with the video going viral and parents of preemies contacting Ben and thanking him "for giving them a tool to show others what their stay at the NICU was like." There are close to 3,000 comments on YouTube already.

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