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Image of the Week: Light-painted photo captures the bare bones of winter

As winter approaches it strips the honeyed glow of fall from the trees. In this period of transition, you can see the soon-to-be-winterized skeletons that will remain - the trunks and branches that are the forest's bones. In the image above, entitled Hello Winter, Finnish artist Janne Parviainen used a form of long-exposure, slow shutter speed photography, called light painting, to play with similarities between the human form and the change of seasons.
From Parviainen's description of this work:

The photo was done last year just before the first snow came to Helsinki. I live near the street in this photo and I always admire how beautiful the street and the trees look in autumn. As a child, I was very impressed by the symbolism in Finnish paintings of winter, and wanted to make my own interpretation of the subject whilst capturing the beauty of the scene and the feeling of oncoming winter.

All my light art photos are straight from the camera, no post processing of any kind has been done to them.

Photo by Janne Parviainen


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