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Image of the Week: One of 2013's "coolest" microscopic images

Salehi image

Recently, Olympus announced the winners of its BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition. A photo by Ahmad Salehi, MD, PhD, an associate professor in Stanford's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences received honorable mention in this competition; it was also selected by Gizmodo India as one of the year's top ten "coolest" microscopic images.

Salehi's close-up of a mouse hippocampus was created using the same basic technique and microscope that many school kids use to magnify objects in biology classes. The technique is called bright field microscopy because the microscope lights up the the field of view where an object, such as a brain, is magnified.

Holly MacCormick is a writing intern in the medical school’s Office of Communication & Public Affairs. She is a graduate student in ecology and evolutionary biology at University of California-Santa Cruz.

Photo courtesy of Ahmad Salehi

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