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Stanford Medicine X seeking students for leadership program

students at MedicineXEach year, Stanford Medicine X brings together stakeholders in health care to discuss the intersection of emerging technologies and medicine. According to director Larry Chu, MD, students have always been "a vital part our conference, from planning and staging to participating from the audience and on the stage" - and this year Medicine X is making its commitment to medical trainees more visible through a student program.

The student leadership program offers up to 10 spots for students to attend the conference, scheduled for Sept. 5-7, and is open to those studying premed, medicine, pharmacy, or nursing, as well as to PhD candidates and those in allied health professions.

"Creating lasting and sustainable change in health care means working with tomorrow's leaders today," Chu said of the importance of the program, which has a fast-approaching deadline. Chu is accepting student applications through Monday, Jan. 20.

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Photo by StanfordMedicineX

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