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Stanford's senior associate dean of medical education talks admissions, career paths

Okay, so you want to go to med school. Let's talk! Last month at Med School 101, Charles Prober, MD, senior associate dean of medical education, got serious with a group of aspiring medical professionals who all happen to be high-school students. (The annual event brought 140 teens from 10 local high schools to try on the role of med student for a day.)

In his session recorded in the video above, Prober discussed the wide range of possibilities a person with an MD can pursue, including patient care, research and education. He also described the many factors the School of Medicine's admissions team considers when selecting candidates – 7,500 applied for 90 spots last year – and described how MCAT scores are only part of the equation. "We look for the distance traveled," Prober said. And that distance can include non-medical interests: "We want to attract people into medicine who love history, English and computer science" as well as medicine, he explained.

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