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Grand Roundup: Top posts for the week of June 22

The five most-read stories this week on Scope were:

Empowered is as empowered does: Making a choice about living with lupus: Inspire contributor Pattie Brynn Hultquist writes about her experience living with the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus and how she became an empowered patient.

Stanford bioengineer develops a 50-cent paper microscopeManu Prakash, PhD, assistant professor of bioengineering, has developed an ultra-low-cost paper microscope to aid disease diagnosis in developing regions. The device is further described in a technical paper.

Student transitions in medicine: putting blinders on: In the latest installment of SMS Unplugged, medical student Moises Gallegos discusses the importance of mentorship and support during medical school transitions.

Talk from the hand: the role of gesture in verbal communication: An Italian study found that the sight of gestures combined with the sound of speech created a whole-body system of communication in which movement played an important role in helping listeners understand language that was unclear.

Secrets of fat cells discoveredMary Teruel, PhD, and colleagues have studied the life cycle of fat cells and what findings could mean for the treatment of obesity and diabetes.

And still going strong – the most popular post from the past:

The mystery surrounding lung-transplant survival rates: A 2012 article in the San Francisco Chronicle offered a look at the challenges facing lung transplant patients and explored why a significant number don’t live beyond the five-year mark, despite improvements in survival rates.


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