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How to get a student-friendly room for under $100

SMS (“Stanford Medical School”) Unplugged was recently launched as a forum for students to chronicle their experiences in medical school. The student-penned entries appear on Scope once a week; the entire blog series can be found in the SMS Unplugged category.

Natalia in her roomTo all the incoming med students wanting ideas on how to set up their rooms with the staggering debt of higher education, here's what I suggest:

  • $13.38 for 32 sq feet of “Thrifty White Hardboard Panel Board,” but we can call it your new best friend. Home Depot
  • $10 for screwdriver and screws. Home Depot
  • $10.79 for dry erase markers, eraser, and spray. Office Depot
  • $4.99 for a 3 pack of scented candles in glass holders. Ikea
  • $2.98 for 300 pack of matches. Home Depot
  • $8.99 for a plastic storage box that fits under most beds - reserve that for the pile of discarded clothes, papers, and notes that you don’t have time to clean up until after finals. Ikea
  • $14.99 for a basic night stand. Let’s be real, you’re going to study late into the night on your bed and fall asleep. Set yourself up with a nightstand so you don’t have to drool on the laptop you were using. Ikea
  • $6.99 for a table lamp to go on your night stand. Ikea
  • $9.99 for curtains - color so it feels like home. Ikea
  • $7.96 for curtain rod set. Ikea
  • $4.99 for the Swedish meatballs. Ikea

Total: $91.06 with room for tax

You're welcome.

Natalia Birgisson will soon start her second year at Stanford's medical school. She is half Icelandic, half Venezuelan and grew up moving internationally before coming to Stanford for college. She is interested in neurosurgery, global health, and ethics. Natalia loves running and baking; when she’s lucky the two activities even out.

Photo courtesy of Natalia Birgisson

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