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Medicine X symposium focuses on how patients, providers and entrepreneurs can ignite innovation

A special Medicine X event on Sept. 4 will explore how patients, providers and entrepreneurs can help ignite innovation in the health-care industry. During the daylong symposium, James Hereford, chief operating officer at Stanford Hospital & Clinics, will be presenting crucial opportunities for innovation in medicine today, and challenging physicians, patients and entrepreneurs to collaborate and build partnerships in an effort to create impact and change.

In the above Medicine X film, Hereford discusses the importance of patient-centered care, the need to treat the whole person and not just the illness and how including patients in pivotal discussions is crucial to transform health care. "I don't think the world should be defined around us," said Hereford. "I think the world should be defined around our patients."

The brief conversation offers a taste of the thoughtful commentary that attendees can expect at this event. Other speakers include: Robert Pearl, MD, executive director and chief executive officer of The Permanente Medical Group; Stanford radiologist Lawrence Hoffman, MD; Mark Tomaino, senior industry executive at Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe; Vivian Lee, MD, PhD, chief executive officer of University of Utah Health Care; and Alexandra Drane, co-founder of Eliza Corp. For more information or to register for the symposium visit the conference website.

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