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Pediatric nephrologist Mary Leonard discusses bone health in children with chronic diseases at Childx

The inaugural Childx conference was held here last month video interviews featuring keynote speakers, panelists and moderators are now on the Stanford YouTube channel. To continue the discussion of driving innovation in maternal and child health, we'll be featuring a selection of the videos this month on Scope.

Stanford pediatric nephrologist Mary Leonard, MD, initially began her career as a physician-scientist by investigating the bone complications of pediatric kidney disease. One of her earlier findings was that a number of the risk factors for poor bone development were also associated with many other childhood diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

In the above video, Leonard explains how advances in treating pediatric kidney failure, cancer and other diseases is creating a growing population of survivors who are entering adulthood facing other health risks, including poor bone health, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. Watch the full interview to understand the magnitude of the problem and learn about efforts to develop prevention methods.

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