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Stanford University School of Medicine

Lloyd Minor shares his vision for Stanford Medicine, talks about its “paradigm‑shifting advances”

It's been almost three years since Lloyd B. Minor took helm of Stanford's medical school as dean, and he talks about his time here and his plans for the future in a new 1:2:1 podcast. Saying "this is an extraordinarily exciting place to work - a place where it's easy to get out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm about what lies ahead in the day," Minor goes on to talk about Stanford Medicine's vision to lead the biomedical revolution, the promise of precision health, and his commitment to diversity. He also discusses Stanford's many strengths, including the interdisciplinary nature of the work done here ("our ethos is one that really does encourage collaboration") and our researchers' drive to do big things: "For sure, there's a role for incremental advances, but our unique strength [is in] being able to come up with paradigm‑shifting advances."

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