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Welcome to the new Scope

SCOPE-logo-3Welcome to the new, and improved, Scope. We had been so busy producing engaging posts on the latest advances in medicine and health over the last few years that we hadn't taken the time to, er, freshen up.

Now we have, and we hope you'll like what you see. The new Scope is easier to read, more accessible and, yes, optimized for mobile. We've discontinued our comments section, but we do still want to hear from and interact with you, faithful readers -- so feel free to from time to time.

And don't fret: All your favorites are still here. We'll still be publishing Stanford Medicine Unplugged, the popular series written by med students, each Wednesday during the school year. We're still partnering with Inspire, an online community of patients, to bring you first-person accounts of life as a patient. And we'll still be highlighting groundbreaking medical research from Stanford and elsewhere.

Bear with us as we make a few tweaks in the coming weeks. But otherwise, sit back and enjoy.

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