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Why become a doctor? A personal story from a Stanford neurosurgeon

Why go into neurosurgery? Aspiring physicians could easily select another, less time-consuming specialty. In this recent Stanford Health Care video, that's exactly what Lawrence Shuer, MD said he was told when he first decided to be a neurosurgeon. However, it was his neurosurgeon father who truly inspired him to pursue a career in the field. Here's Shuer:

I'm sure that part of my inspiration to become a neurosurgeon and to go into medicine was to see the satisfaction that he got out of his career.

Shuer's inspiration comes not only from his father, but also from the daily rewards of his career. He especially values his role as a teacher and mentor for medical students and residents:

One of the most exciting things for me... is to be surrounded by their young and enthusiastic and inquisitive minds.

Not only do I have the privilege to treat patients, but I have the privilege of being able to train the next generation of physicians.

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Video courtesy of Stanford Health Care

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