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Stanford Medicine’s white coat and stethoscope ceremony, in pictures

On Friday afternoon, under a bright blue summer sky, 93 students were officially welcomed to Stanford Medicine as part of our traditional white coat and stethoscope ceremony. Photographer Norbert von der Groeben was there to capture some of the big smiles -- as seen above.

So who exactly are these doctors-to-be? A few stats provide a clue:

  • 47 students are women and 46 are men
  • 25 were born outside of the U.S.
  • Four have doctoral degrees and nine have master's degrees
  • 44 have studied abroad
  • 13 played a varsity sport in college, and about one-third play a musical instrument

As Dean Lloyd Minor, MD, told the group, "You've excelled in the arts -- there's even a cellist among you -- you've climbed mountains and won games, served the underprivileged, and published groundbreaking research. I'm honored that you're bringing your intellectual rigor, deep compassion, and unbridled creativity to this campus, and that you chose Stanford as the place to begin your medical journey."

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