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Stanford University School of Medicine

Medicine X, the academic conference where “everyone is included,” returns


In September of 2012, Stanford anesthesiologist Larry Chu, MD, kicked off an academic conference unlike anything I'd ever seen before. The conference united patients, providers, researchers, medical students, policy leaders -- anyone and everyone with an interest in shaking up and shaping the future of health care.

Medicine X turns five this year, and it's grown from a few days of talks to a week-long event that simply cannot be missed.

This week began with the IDEO Design Challenge, a behavior design workshop and the MedXNight at the Today the 2016 Health Care Innovation Summit takes the Medicine X stage with a series of keynotes, talks and panels that explore shifts in the insurance industry, patient-centered models of insurance coverage and more.

Friday morning, the three-day conference that's the heart of Medicine X begins on campus bright and early. The jam-packed schedule includes keynote talks from Susannah Fox, chief technology officer for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Lindred Greer, PhD, assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well as panel discussions, masterclasses and workshops.

We'll have lots of coverage from the innovation summit and main conference here on Scope. We'll also be live tweeting the keynotes and other proceedings from the conference; you can follow our tweets on the @StanfordMed feed or by using the #MedX hashtag.

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Photo courtesy of Stanford Medicine X

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