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Stanford University School of Medicine

Stanford Medicine X, in pictures

Every year, starting in early September, my colleagues and I spend hours poring over the Medicine X schedule and agonizing over which sessions to cover. The popular health-innovation conference -- now in its fifth year -- is packed with keynote remarks by industry leaders; panels featuring physicians, policy experts and patients; and oft-moving talks from people touched by chronic illness (it's no coincidence that conference organizers offer tissue packs to attendees at check-in). To say it can be difficult to narrow down the choices and determine which sessions will be the most compelling is an understatement.

This year's event, which concluded Sunday afternoon, didn't disappoint -- and hopefully our coverage didn't either. You can read our reports from the conference via this link, and you can get a feel for the energy of the three-day event in the images above.

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Photos courtesy of Stanford Medicine X

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