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Stanford University School of Medicine

Stanford med school alum carves Clinton and Trump jack-o’-lanterns

Five years ago, medical student Raymond Tsai -- described as a "whiz with sharp objects" -- carved a jack-o'-lantern that looked amazingly like the late Steve Jobs. After a several-year hiatus (which he blames on the demands of residency), Tsai, MD, sharpened his carving tools and created two presidential election-inspired masterpieces.

"I carved these because the election cycle has been so pervasive in our lives, and I hoped it would be a fun and non-polarizing way [to discuss the campaign]," Tsai explained over email.

"I also learned that both candidates have more similarities than we might realize -- for instance, they both have double eyelids that are equally difficult to carve," Tsai, who's now a physician in family medicine, continued. "Although eyelids won't -- or at least shouldn't --  influence who we vote for, I figured people could enjoy these pumpkins no matter what their political inclination."

Happy Halloween!

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