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What’s your (stem cell) resolution?

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine wants you to make a New Year's resolution. But it's not about losing weight, being more mindful or ditching that negative attitude you may or may not have been wrestling with lately (I'm looking at you, self!). Instead, they want you to make a resolution about stem cells and share your thoughts on social media. They've outlined their proposal in this fun and lighthearted video.

The campaign extends beyond researchers and clinicians to include patients and members of the general public. Maybe you'd like to learn more about the difference between embryonic and induced pluripotent cells? Or figure out how many clinical trials the institute has funded during its lifetime? Perhaps you'd just like to investigate the roles stem cells play in recovery from diabetes, blindness or spinal cord injury?

To play along, visit the institute's Stem Cell Resolution page to download a graphic to accompany your social media post. And then go wild. The most compelling resolutions will be shared on CIRM's The Stem Cellar blog and the authors will be gifted limited edition "Stem Cell Champion" T-shirts to commemorate their selection.

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