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Science gets political: The March for Science

Women's marchUpdated 2/1/17: The Washington D.C. march has been scheduled for April 22.


1/26/16: Last weekend’s post-inauguration Women’s March was one of the largest demonstrations in recent times. The march — which spread to all seven continents, including Antarctica — championed an array of issues including reproductive rights and immigration reform.

Some marchers held handmade signs expressing support for science. Just hours later, a seed of an idea for a new demonstration — one specifically in support of science — sprouted online.

Over five days, the list of possible followers of the "secret" March for Science Facebook page has surpassed 600,000. New members have to be invited, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing down its growth. If you haven't been invited yet, you can check out their community page here.

Sister pages have already sprung up for at least 60 America cities from Anchorage, Alaska, to Birmingham, Alabama, not to mention internationally in places like Montreal and Perth, Australia.

There’s no date yet for the Washington D.C. March for Science, but the enthusiasm is palpable and the handful of organizers have promised a mission statement by Monday.

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Photo by Ted Eytan

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