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Roses are red, violets are blue, I think you’ll love these policy tweets, too

Valentine's Day means a lot more than chocolates and greeting cards to social media-savvy policy wonks. For the past several years, "healthcare twitterati" (as MedCityNews called them last year) have taken to Twitter to post special messages with the hashtag #HealthPolicyValentines -- and this year is no different.

A colleague brought the tweets -- including this nice reminder from Stanford Health Policy -- to my attention yesterday, and I've been chuckling at the four-line poems ever since. Among my favorites:

Roses are flowers
Ferrets are weasels
Vaccines are so much better
For you than measles

Roses are red
Diamonds go on a ring
Social determinants of health
Are definitely a thing

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'll take alternative payments
As long as I'm bundled with you

Roses are red
Just like your lip
Kids need health coverage
Please extend CHIP

And though in a different format, this is too cute not to share:

I love you so bad it's considered a preexisting condition

Tweets from, in order, @roseperson, @VarsheyMD, @ashishkjha, @ZatchL and @mattbaker77
Photo by Pexels

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