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How Campaign for Stanford Medicine dollars are supporting research on clinical excellence

The Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) is the only research center at a major U.S. university focused exclusively on the discovery of new practices and methods of care delivery to improve clinical outcomes and lower population-wide health-care spending. The goal of CERC, which was also one of the first fundraising priorities identified in the Campaign for Stanford Medicine, is to develop national models to deliver better health care at lower costs.

In this short video, CERC Director Arnold Milstein MD, MPH, describes the central role that multidisciplinary fellows play in the center and the intensive research and design process they undergo to develop each new health-care model. Milstein also discusses some examples of targeted areas where early signs of success are already being seen.

Officially concluding last August, the campaign raised $1.7 billion from more than 30,000 individuals, corporations and foundations. Learn more about how those funds are making an impact at this website.

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