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How a Stanford neurobiologist thinks about his faith

William Newsome is a world-class neurobiologist and a Christian. He talked to Stanford News about how his faith helped inspire his interest in the brain and what he sees as the real and imagined tensions between faith and science.

It's not a secret that William Newsome, PhD, a world-renowned neurobiologist, is also a Christian. But on the other hand, it's not something he wears on his sleeve -- so most people probably don't realize that his faith helped inspire his interest in the brain, that his mother and father encouraged his interest in science or that he sees parallels between his father's pastoral work and his own work leading a lab at Stanford.

I asked about all of these things, plus what Newsome sees as the real and the "red herring" tensions between science, for a recent Stanford News interview. Follow the link or listen to an excerpt of the interview, above, in which Newsome talks in greater detail about how his faith and education helped shape the direction he took as a scientist.

Photo by Ian Terpin

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