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UNF_McNab-1107 Polio Scope

Wild poliovirus eradication

A girl receives two drops of oral polio vaccine during market day on the island of Ngorerom on Lake Chad. The Lake Chad Polio Task Team is organizing a series of polio activities aimed at boosting immunity of children aged 0 to 10 against polio. The disease remains a risk in the Lake Chad area due to the detection of polioviruses in neighbouring Nigeria. Efforts to reach the islands require more time and money due to the need for additional boats, floating clumps of grass that block passageways, and in some cases, insecurity due to the Boko Haram insurgency. Consultants with the Lake Chad Polio Task Team are working with health workers to help map and plan immunization activities on the islands. Lake Chad, Bol District, Chad. June 2018. ©️ Christine McNab/UN Foundation

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