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0 thoughts on “Eating for good blood: Tips for boosting iron levels and hemoglobin

  1. Somaya

    i have a HB of 12.7, it's within range but is somewhat lower side. How long should it take to see a development in my levels?
    Is a better diet enough or should i take supplements as pills or injections?

  2. Maria

    my daughter has a nb is .5 and we are scared and heck... more test are going to be done next week.

  3. P.Neeraja

    my hubby has HB of 13.7 he is of 50yrs old and diabetic since six years. I want to know how to increase %of HB with diet

  4. Richu

    my hb is 10.2 and I want to make it 12.5 within 5 days...suggest healthy ways to increase my hb level.

  5. Jboy

    I just want to boast my iron. .i feel it's low. .what are the necessary pills please?

  6. Subrata Dhar

    I am frequent blood doner (3-4) in a year. But recent I went to donate blood, I was rejected due to low HB level. Pl suggest what to do to increase my HB

  7. Cheryl

    What is the normal hemaglobin count? How low should it be before I get concerned and will diet be all I need?

  8. Daisy

    Hello Cecilia,
    I have kidney desease too and my hb is 9. There is an hormone that the kidneys produce to help make hemoglobin. My creatinine is 1.87 now.
    I stopped consuming salt or sodium, I also stopped eating all animal protein. I only drink distile water to avoid flourure and clorine. I want to raise my levels of hb eating plant food. My next blood test is in 3 months.
    Best of wishes

  9. Vasanthi

    My blood count is 8.35 i want to im prove my blood count what should i do to improve i am 40 years old homemaker

  10. joyehieze

    My brother's HB is 6.7 what kind food|treatment can take to help boost his HB within 5days?

  11. nivedita

    my hb is 4.4 and next month my exams are going to be held , i hate to take pills and medicine and don't want to take others blood pls tell me how can i increase my blood within a week ....

  12. chandu

    my wife name is nadhiya! she have only 6gr of blood. what food she taken to increase the blood quantity?

  13. sunita bhunia

    I am 19 years old. but i have some gastic problem & also hb 10.2 pls advice me how to increase it in simple life .

  14. SPR

    I am 21 years my HB content is only 9.4 how to increase it. Does exercise is good along with some diet changes?

  15. Tariqul PCML

    My wife is 7th month pregnancy, her hemoglobin level is 8.2 ,how can i increase pls know me

  16. Suale

    My wife is pregnant 9 months HB 9.1 and the doctor said it should be 16.00
    how can i improve fast?

  17. Mithu

    I have checked and found ferritin level is very low, 4.94 ng/ml, iron 5.6 umol/L, TIBC 83.20 umol/L and Hemoglobin 12.3 gm/dl; seeking your expert opinion.

    Thanks and regards.

  18. Mary

    My mother is 86 and hb is 8.24 she's on blood thinners and we are trying not to have her go through a colonoscopy what can I feed her to jump the number up!


    My wife is pregnant and first week of 7 month running, HB 8.7
    what should i do for fast improve ?
    PLS suggest best food for increase HB fast.

    thanks in advance

  20. Velile

    My HB is very low I am constantly dizzy and nauseous, I have just finished a course of supplements Ferrous sulphate and ascorbic acid. a week into going without the supplements I am back at one, dizzy and nauseous. I am trying to find alternative ways of increasing my iron levels.

  21. Samila Ali

    Am female age 44and am suffering from diabetic deseae and my HB is6.8
    And I eat healthy food.
    And I take glucofhag 750gm 2times a day.
    so what is the course of my blood low counts?

  22. swetha

    my hb level is 10.5...what should i do for increasing hb level? And Is there any chance to get pregnant with low level of hb?

  23. Gayathri Anil

    Iam 25 years old i want to increas blood in my body so, what kind of food i want to take? Or any other tips

  24. lassy

    my 1yr 2months old baby girl hb is 5.9,how do i boost it within 5 days.please help.Am worried.
    I made this for her..tomato paste,eggs,coke,lemon for her to eat.Can it help to boost?