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About Scope

About Scope
Scope is an award-winning blog founded in 2009 and produced by the Stanford University School of Medicine. If you’re curious about the latest advances in medicine and health and enjoy compelling, fresh and easily digestible news and features, then we’ve got just the thing. We’ve written quite a bit (9,000 posts and counting!), and we’re quite proud of it — so please enjoy.

Who reads Scope
We’re aiming to reach you — whether you’re an award-winning scientist or first-year med student, a biotech enthusiast or a health-conscious reader. We genuinely value readers’ feedback and invite you to connect with us: Please send tips or questions to co-editor Becky Bach.

Who writes for Scope
Scope offers readers a curated look at important advances in health and medicine at Stanford and beyond, and insight from the people who are making it happen. In addition to a distinguished panel of writers from the School of Medicine's Office of Communication & Public Affairs, we regularly feature contributions from faculty, students, and other colleagues around the Stanford campus who work in medicine and science. Among our ongoing series are Stanford Medicine Unplugged, a weekly forum for students to chronicle their experiences in medical school, and Stars of Stanford Medicine, where we introduce you to come of our outstanding scholars.

Scope's editorial team

  • Managing editor and co-founder Michelle Brandt: Michelle has written about medicine and health and worked in media relations and digital media at Stanford for almost 20 years. She leads the school's digital-media team and has been known to call Scope, which she co-founded in 2009, as one of her babies. Michelle is an alumna of the University of Wisconsin's School of Journalism and remains a proud Badger.
  • Co-editor and frequent contributor Becky Bach: Becky is a former park ranger and newspaper reporter who is thrilled to be part of the School of Medicine’s communications team. She holds a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California-Santa Cruz, a master’s degree in ecology from UC-Davis and is a Wesleyan University alum. She works in social media and media relations, and covers honors and awards, ophthalmology, health research and policy, diversity and most anything else.

About Communication & Public Affairs
The Office of Communication & Public Affairs at the School of Medicine also produces a podcast called 1:2:1 and publishes Stanford Medicine magazine and Inside Stanford Medicine. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram; Scope stories can also be enjoyed on Flipboard.

Policies and disclaimers

Entries on Scope should not be republished without attribution and a link to Scope. 
Please contact the editorial team for permission.

Entries on Scope are not official statements
The entries on Scope represent the personal views of their respective authors. They are not official statements from the School of Medicine or Stanford University.

Entries on Scope are not medical advice
Entries on Scope are informational and educational. Content on this website, including text, images and media, does not replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from a health professional. We encourage you to speak with your health-care provider about your personal health-care questions and care.

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