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Mary Hawn and colleagues performing surgery

Surgery Saturday Instagram series takes you inside Stanford’s OR

Each Saturday, Stanford Medicine's Instagram gives followers a peek into the OR.

Images from the operating room have always been among the most liked photos on Stanford Medicine's social channels. Perhaps we're eager to peek inside a usually inaccessible space, or riveted by the mystique of slicing into human flesh. But whatever it is, we're intrigued.

So when our colleague Rachel Baker, a former photographer now with the Department of Surgery, inquired about whether we wanted more to share, we answered with an emphatic yes.

Baker, equipped with a Nikon D750 named Eloise, headed back to the surgery suites, and we launched a new series — called Surgery Saturday — on our Instagram. Each week we're showing surgeons hard at work, like department chair Mary Hawn, MD, and her colleagues (above), who were photographed while performing a minimally invasive technique to repair a ventral hernia.

We hope you'll follow along.

Photo by Rachel Baker

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