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What motivates people to participate in clinical trials?

ABC News has a story today on clinical trials – and what motivates people to participate:

“My reasoning was it could help me as well as other women,” [Haralee Weintraub, an Oregon cancer patient who enrolled in a drug trial] said.

Weintraub’s motives are common among clinical trial participants, said Dr. Susan Love, president of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Pacific Palisades, Calif., that promotes and funds breast cancer research.

“I think, in general, the people who participate are altruistic,” Love said, adding that she thinks women with breast cancer are particularly generous. “If they can help someone else, they’re willing to do it.”

The article goes on to discuss researchers’ struggles to get enough people to participate and things that may be keeping patients from signing up – including a lack of knowledge of studies. It notes that several sites – such as and – have information about ongoing trials.

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  1. Portland SEO Says:

    I think people are generally compassionate and the more educated they become with the trial methods the more willing they will be to participate.


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