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Live tweeting Michael Graves' Medicine X keynote

The Medicine X core conference starts today on the Stanford campus with an opening keynote speech from renowned architect and designer Michael Graves.

This morning, we’ll be live tweeting Graves' keynote and proceedings from the rest of the core conference. You can follow the tweets on the @SUMedicine feed or follow the hashtag #medx.

Graves' talk, titled "People First: Redesigning the Hospital Room," will be followed by a diverse selection of 20-minute presentations and lively panel discussions organized by core themes. Today's core themes are: emerging technologies and the future, the networked patient, mHealth and gamification, and patient-centered design design thinking.

The conference is being held at the School of Medicine's Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge through Sunday, and members of the public are welcome to attend the conference virtually through a high-quality streaming webcastRegistration for the webcast is free.

More news about Stanford Medicine X is available in the Medicine X category.

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