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Haiti: In pictures


This is David Charles, one of just a dozen Haitian physical therapists in the entire country. David works at Hospital Albert Schweitzer. He trained in the Dominican Republic.


This child is one of 132 people staying at a refugee center near the hospital. The center is a half-built hotel.


This is Ania Antoine, age 15, an amputee who was one of the first refugees to get a new leg.


These are Deschapelles schoolgirls walking past the hospital.


This is a girl collecting water from a stream that runs between the hospital and L'Escale, a former tuberculosis village.

Tracie White is a Scope contributor and writer in the medical school’s communication office. She is presently in Haiti to write about the situation there. You can see all of her updates in our Global Health category. More details on Stanford's Haiti relief effort are available here.

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