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National poll reveals sleep disorders, use of sleeping aids among ethnic groups

The National Sleep Foundation released its annual "Sleep in America Poll" this morning and, this year, the report explored the sleep habits of various ethnic groups.

In general, the poll confirmed that most Americans aren't getting enough sleep. But that's hardly news to those of us who are currently chugging our second or third cup of coffee today.

The more interesting findings discussed which ethnic groups have the most trouble sleeping, rely more heavily on sleep aids, and suffer the most from certain sleep disorders. The survey [.pdf] found:

  • Overall, Asians were the most likely ethnic group to say they get a good night's sleep at least a few nights a week (84% vs. 72% Hispanics, 68% Whites and 66% Blacks).
  • At least one-third of Whites (38%), Hispanics (36%) and Blacks (33%) report using any "sleep aids" at least a few nights a week, compared to one-fourth of Asians (25%).
  • Among Whites (46% vs. 23%), Blacks (42% vs. 23%) and Hispanics (50% vs. 14%), those who said they get a good night's sleep a few nights a week or less were much more likely than their counterparts to report using "sleep aids" at least a few nights a week.
  • Whites (20%), Blacks (19%) and Hispanics (19%) were all about twice as likely as Asians (10%) to have been diagnosed with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome or insomnia.

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