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Bill Gates on improving health care, bolstering education and fighting global poverty

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates kicked off a three-day, five campus college tour this week in an effort to engage the country's brightest minds in solving the world's biggest challenges.

Yesterday, Gates visited UC Berkeley and Stanford, where he presented a 30-minute lecture and held a brief Q&A session. Tonight he will speak at the University of Chicago. The tour concludes tomorrow with stops at Harvard and MIT.

During his visit to Stanford, Gates opened his talk by asking, "Are the brightest minds working on the most important problems?" His answer, "We could do a lot better on this and it would make a huge difference."

In the above video clip, Gates tells the Stanford audience about watching a film on polio with his daughter and how a person's personal experiences can define charity. He will continue the conversation of how students can change the world for the better in the next Stanford Open Office Hours.

Complete video footage from Gates' speech at Berkeley is available on TechCrunch.

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