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Stanford nutrition experts discuss top cancer-preventing foods


When it comes to selecting foods with strong cancer-prevention properties, soy, onions, broccoli, tomatoes and blueberries top the list, according to Stanford cardiologist John W. Farquahr, MD, and Joyce Hanna, associate director of Stanford's Health Improvement Program.

Farquhar and Hanna, who co-teach the popular Stanford course "The Best Diet Ever," explain why they recommend everyone include these five foods in their daily diet in an article published today in the San Francisco Chronicle. Farquhar says:

There's still uncertainty about how important nutrition is in cancer prevention but I've found that if you deal with these specific foods, there's evidence that they all have cancer-fighting nutrients. As opposed to genetics, nutrition is something that people can control.

The story goes on to discuss research showing soy, onions, broccoli, tomatoes and blueberries posses various anti-cancer compounds, why red meat may counteract these benefits and small steps you can take to incorporate cancer preventing foods into your daily routine.

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