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Move over, Vesalius


Over the last couple of years I've been dazzled by the anatomical imagery that's come out of the School of Medicine. From the pristine photos in the Bassett Collection, to the wizardry of Paul Brown, DDS' group, the images have shown us our innards and fascinated our brains.

Now, thanks to Katherine Wells' article in Science of the Arts, I've discovered a whole new galaxy of truly amazing dissections. Artist Jason Freeny is exhibiting a beautifully rendered dissection of a Carassius auratus auratus, bis coquere, otherwise know as a goldfish. What a rush! They're so easy to eat by the handful that I admit I've never inspected the inside of one. Now, I can see that it's not the cheddar that gives them their cheesy goodness; it's their little bones and guts! Brilliant. I tell you, this guy's a genius. Check out his website for a whole range of dissection wackiness.

Image courtesy Jason Freeny

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