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School of Medicine students and staff host iPad show and tell

As we previously wrote, Stanford distributed iPads to first-year medical and Master of Medicine students this year as part of a trial program to integrate the tablet into medical education. Last month, School of Medicine staff and students gathered for a workshop to discuss how they have been using the tablet computers.

The workshop was recorded in a studio classroom at Stanford's Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge and recently posted online. The video includes presentations from Sue Willows-Raznikov, learning strategies coordinator; Joe Benfield, instructional technology integration specialis;, first-year medical student David Attarzadeh and second-year medical students Pankaj Sharma, Daniel Solis and Alec Palmerton. Benfield explains:

The workshop was a "show and tell" session. We wanted to allow students to share ideas and examples with each other. Most of what you see in the video are ways to use the iPad for study and note taking. It's always more powerful for people to see examples of use from their peers, and that was the idea behind the session.

Here's an overview of the topics discussed in the video:

  • QuickOffice with Google Docs and Powerpoint files at 3:40
  • iAnnotate tips at 8:30
  • AV Player HD at 13:40
  • Listening to lecture and taking notes at the same time at 8:53
  • Medical apps for iPad at 18:24
  • Anki Flashcards 24:11

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