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British teens not getting enough fruits, veggies

Americans aren't the only ones struggling with their diet. Despite a government recommendation to consume five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, a national survey of more than 2,000 adults and children across Great Britain showed that only a third of adults did so. And, as reported by the BBC:

... it was the diet of teenagers that raised the most concern.

The average consumption of fruit and vegetables for girls aged 11 to 18 was 2.7 portions with just 7% getting five-a-day. Nearly half of them are not
getting enough iron in their diet either.

For boys, the average was 3.1 portions with just 13% getting five-a-day.

Calling teenage girls' diet a "ticking time bomb," officials said in a release that steps need to be taken to avoid the health risks associated with poor eating habits. Health Minister Paul Burstow said the government campaign Change4Life will focus this summer on encouraging "families to take simple steps, such as eating more fruit and vegetables, cutting down on fatty foods and being more active." (And let's hope they're more successful in getting people to consume their greens than the United States!)

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