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A guide to the social web for physicians

Late last night, Bryan Vartabedian, MD, posted the transcript of a recent pediatric grand rounds presentation he made on how technology and, more specifically, the social web is reshaping what it means to be a physician. In the presentation, he looks at the sweeping changes that have taken place on the web over the past five years and offers great practical suggestions for physicians wishing to make better use of social tools. He writes:

This is a remarkable time to be in medicine. We’re in the midst of a communication revolution not seen since the time of the printing press. The world is changing around us. What we do 50 years from now will be unrecognizable to today’s generation of doctors. What it means to be a doctor is changing very quickly. This includes the way we communicate. I see 3 forces acting to redefine the physician.

As with so many of Varabedian's posts on 33 Charts, this just might be the go-to primer on the subject. Highly recommended reading.

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