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Stanford Medicine magazine's big reads of 2011

Looking for more really good things to read? If you're interested in medical stories, I bet you'll find something in this list: The 10 most popular Stanford Medicine magazine stories published in 2011 (as determined by online page views).

  1. When are you dead? - Resurgent form of organ transplantation raises a new question - by John Sanford
  2. The woman who fell to Earth - A love story - by Ruthann Richter
  3. Gender X - The battle over boy or girl - by Dianne Klein
  4. The case of the disappearing liver disease - Uncovering an ordinary antibiotic's secret power - by Erin Digitale
  5. Bioethics at midlife - The dilemmas facing a field in flux - by Susan Ipaktchian
  6. Peddling hope - Unproven stem cell treatments for sale in a country near you - by Krista Conger
  7. Make your own cancer diagnostic test - It's easier than you think - by Rosanne Spector
  8. The unexpected - Cancer during pregnancy - by Erin Digitale
  9. A kid again - After cancer takes its toll - by Erin Digitale
  10. Khmer Rouge on trial - Can serving justice cure PTSD? - by Tracie White

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