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Stanford physician discusses how the Internet and social media are changing medicine

"Medicine is getting so complex that I hope you’re not trying to memorize everything. There is a certain amount of information you must know, but... if you know how to get to [a lot of other information], that’s more important than knowing it off the top of your head." That was the recent advice given to a group of third-year residents by Stanford emergency medicine physician Graham Walker, MD.

In the Grand Rounds talk above, Walker goes on to discuss how the Internet has accelerated the dissemination of medical information - allowing physicians to share information and test new techniques quicker, potentially improving quality of care, but also making it challenging for doctors to stay current on the latest medical advancements. He explains his approach in using social media to keep up the rapid pace of biomedical news, and he provides tips on how clinicians can use medical-related blogs, apps and other digital tools at the bedside.

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