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Image of the Week: Michael Graves discusses redesigning the hospital room

This image comes from the Medicine X conference Flickr photostream and shows renowned architect and designer Michael Graves delivering his keynote address, "People First: Redesigning the Hospital Room."

During his Saturday talk, Graves shared his personal story of being diagnosed in 2003 with a central nervous system infection that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He described in great detail his first few days in the hospital and how certain limitations of the patient room's design made small daily tasks, such as shaving, overly burdensome for someone confined to a wheelchair.

As he adjusted to life in a wheelchair, Graves stayed in numerous hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and each one exhibited design flaws that made his recovery more challenging. His dissatisfaction led him to use his design acumen to reshape the hospital experience by leading a functional and aesthetic transformation of hospital furnishing and equipment.

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