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Grand Roundup: Top posts for the week of Jan. 27

The five most-read stories on Scope this week were:

Real-time MRI music video: British physicians have collaborated with a musician named Sivu to create a music video using real-time magnetic resonance imaging of the artist singing. The final production is both entertaining and educational.

The mystery surrounding lung-transplant survival rates: A recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle offered a look at the challenges facing lung transplant patients and explored why a significant number don’t live beyond the five-year mark, despite improvements in survival rates.

Stanford introduces web-based mini-fellowship program on successful aging: To promote successful aging and end-of -life care for multi-cultural older adults, Stanford recently launched the Internet based Successful Aging (iSAGE) program. The mini-fellowship is being offered for free to both health-care professionals and members of the public.

Ask Stanford Med: Answers to your questions about willpower and tools to reach our goals: This month, Stanford health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, PhD, took questions on how to boost willpower and achieve your New Year’s resolutions as part of our Ask Stanford Med series. McGonigal responds to a selection of the questions in this Scope Q&A.

Magazine encourages kids to cook, aims to reduce childhood obesity: A piece recently published in Columbia Journalism Review spotlighted ChopChop, a new children’s magazine. The author called it “beautiful and engaging” and noted that it deftly “empowers kids to cook and eat healthy foods, offers recipes even adult foodies will love, and aims to help reduce childhood obesity."

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