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Medical students create online newspaper to promote the voice of physicians-in-training

There's an interesting guest post on the SA Incubator blog about a publication created by medical students for medical students. In the piece, Ajay Major and Aleena Paul from Albany Medical College describe their motivation for launching in-Training, which they call the "the first online newspaper for medical students." The co-founders write:

...With in-Training, we recognized the need for a proper forum for medical students to showcase their literary and artistic endeavors. Without such a forum, the knowledge accumulated by medical students who experiment in the humanities would remain fixed and incapable of flowing to peers. Medical schools would continue to sit like islands in the fray of a tumultuous health system, isolated from one another in thought and expression.

in-Training seeks to meet this dire need for a communal gathering place for medical students. We are the agora of the medical student community, and as such, we strive to publish innovative thought in the arts, politics, science, and literature. We provide a virtual forum for medical students to participate in the shared experience of being a physician-in-training and to learn from the reflections and wisdom of their peers. Since we went live last year, we have published over 100 articles from medical students at over 30 institutions in the United States and Canada.

Topics of posts range from physician burnout to the health benefits of yoga to training on LGBT health issues. A past entry examined the importance of reading fiction while in medical school and highlighted a talk by Stanford physician-author Abraham Verghese, MD.

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