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Good luck to medical students on Match Day!

This morning, medical students at Stanford, and thousands more around the country, will gather at the same time for the annual Match Day celebration. Arriving dressed up and nervous, the students will join family, friends and faculty members as they prepare to hear where they will be "matched" for their residencies, the next phase of their medical training. We wish our students at Stanford and around the country the best of luck!

For those not familiar with Match Day, it's a nerve-wracking affair during which each student receives a letter at 9 a.m. Pacific time detailing where they will spend the next four to seven years of their lives completing residencies. The post-graduation assignments are determined by the nonprofit organization National Resident Matching Program, which uses a computer algorithm that aligns the choices of the applicants with those of the residency program.

My colleague Tracie White will be joining anxious students this morning on the Stanford campus to capture the excitement of the day. Watch for her story later on Scope.

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Photo fro by Norbert von der Groeben

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